Research and process based Master studio open to all artistic and design disciplines 

Open for Application

The title 9D indicates the sum of 2D + 3D + 4D. It addresses, on the one hand, a transversal approach to making things across 2D, 3D, and 4D, that is, beyond strict disciplinary, medial or institutional borders. On the other hand, 9D refers to the 9 or more dimensions (critical, non-linear, affective, queer, ecological, archaeological, etc.) that underly each idea, thing, or project and that call for research strategies, methods, and a process based thinking and making. This thinking and creating takes place within a collective environment where students will learn to develop projects in exchange with others and share different modes of working, (un-)learning, and ordering. The studio has been established by Asli Serbest (Temporary Spaces), Samuel Nyholm (Illustration), and Beat Brogle (Moving Image).

Temporary Spaces, Asli Serbest

With the aim to critically reflect space as a temporary category, the interdisciplinary field Temporary Spaces deals with historical, political, social, technological, and aesthetic aspects of spatial production. Beyond disciplinary conventions and medial boundaries, Temporary Spaces engages in practices that include experimentation with space, in different scales, from urban interventions to video, installations, performances, objects, models, sound, and text. Based on research into critical, feminist and queer spatial theories, architecture history, socialist architectural utopias, as well as ancient philosophy, the projects in the field of Temporary Spaces develop reflexive aesthetic experiences. 

Illustration, Samuel Nyholm

Illustration is a discipline that traditionally floats somewhere between visual communication and fine arts and the Illustration teaching at the HfK aims to emphasise this, in a wide range of different applications, from books and magazines to installations and performances. The subject is taught both with the prospects of a professional career or higher studies in the field, but also considering the illustrative quality in relation to connecting subjects in art and design. 

Moving Image, Beat Brogle

Moving Image seeks a contemporary artistic approach to the medium. The central concern is to make the creative aspects of the dimensions of time, movement and sound tangible, to develop an understanding of the impact of the medium and to understand the hidden codes. 




Moving Image